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My love for health and well-being began during my lower years in school. My interest in food and health was driven by an early year nutrition tutor who was extremely good at what she taught. I was attracted to her level of knowledge and experience in her teaching style.

I decided to study health-related courses to achieve a future career in health and well-being being, specifically nutrition. Upon admission to secondary school, I chose to go on a different path because I was not too fond of the students’ personalities in the nutrition class. I must say that choice gave me a chance to see other relevant topics. Destiny has an interesting way of aligning people to their destinies in an awkward way.

I gained admission to do a science course in Biotechnology and Biology. It wasn’t easy at the beginning with very little knowledge in science, but I managed to pull through. I almost dropped out of the course with a reason, unrelated to academics.

God was faithful to see me through that phase and I have successfully completed two additional science degree courses following my first trial. All of the my three degrees aligns with my childhood career ambition…


I have always aspired to have a health food shop with almost all products made by myself, using functional food ingredients. This business started with my passion for superfoods. I did put together some herbs and seeds as an immune booster during the covid pandemic.

I did not contract the virus and never fell sick all through the time I was using the blend. Not only did this blend protect me from the pandemic, but I also saw a significant weight loss and felt mentally sound from using the blend. I had always had an interest in functional nutrition which influenced me to major in functional food in a biological science course.

gaining my masters in pharmaceutical science

It was a pandemic, and not much was happening in the world as most people were locked up in their homes. I took this opportunity to enrol in a master of pharmaceutical science to learn more about drugs and how they can be related to functional food to impact health and well-being positively. This course highlighted the correlation between drugs and food.  I completed the course successfully.

My first product, which is the “GUDNEX natures intimate balm” was inspired by an intimate care product I  purchased. I bought a similar product with similar properties to my first successful product in the first month of 2022, I was impressed with the result and I decided to make a replica. The product I made gave me a better result than the product I purchased. Samples were made and sent to interested people and the feedback I attained was positive, given by all participants who used it. This product has been used by all initial participants plus people they have recommended the product to.

Childhood Career Ambition & Passion

My love for health and well-being began during my lower years in school. I was inspired by an early-year nutrition tutor, who had extensive knowledge of the topic.

Products Backed by Science

I’ve completed a degree in Biotechnology and Biology as well as two additional science degrees. All o three degrees align with childhood carrier ambition.

Samples &
Testing of Products

I sent samples of my products out to family and friends for their feedback and I was amazed at the overwhelming response. Naturally, I knew I had to share Gudnex with the world.

THE essence

GUDNEX uses functional ingredients to produce health beneficial products that are of biological importance to humans. These products are made with natural food ingredients employing good manufacturing procedures and methods to improve human life. Our pharmaceutical scientist researches and uses an all-natural botanical product fused with scientific research to empower you to keep your whole body, skin and most intimate areas feeling refreshed, hydrated, soothed and healthy.

Formulated to restore your confidence and comfort.

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